Food, Breath, Relaxation, and Happiness

After spending the autumn photographing the Swans of Franz Lake in a continuous three-month rain punctuated only by several snows and two moments of sunshine, my intuition led me to Los Angeles.

It wasn’t easy, in fact it was really stressful, but I had an unusually satisfying time of living inland in Los Angeles instead of at the beach.  20 minutes from anything sure did beat the attitude of the west side, which balks at going anywhere past the 405.  Suddenly Los Angeles opened her heart to me, I was in love and able to enjoy the ride.  Humming I love LA with a Randy Newman stance and head tilt I began to be a local after 8 years of feeling the pain of grounding here without any of the perks.

The lump in my breast however continued to grow amplifying its pain levels until one night I just had to bail from the city and its electrical, human, physical stresses.

In Ventura I collapsed into a pancake on my futon and had to just ride it out for weeks.  I had spent all my strength funded by Hawaii, the colon cleansing, the Oregon rain, Protandim and the Trinfinity8.  Back to Flat!

It really took me two months to recover enough strength to do more than one thing in a day without several naps or reboots.  Some days didn’t have more than an hour of vertical.  Some days I couldn’t even roll over because of the pain, which wasn’t all in my breast but now in my spine, sternum and hips.  These additional pain emergencies were a stress in themselves because of the potential implications.  Eating well was at the least difficult.

Then my job ended.

Ok, so, now, I also have to deal, again, with homelessness.

Now – I’ve chosen to not have a house or other square box to live in many times and for much of the last 8 years but this time it seemed daunting to me and posed a luminous threat to my wellbeing.  I didn’t feel like I was physically, mentally, or emotionally strong enough for all that entails.  Too much driving, too much “other people’s” energy, bad beds and couches with lots of extra energy to clear, no income, and friends scattered in many locations.  I am definitely not sleeping in my car, ever again.  Camping felt possible however in southern California that’s more expensive than rent so out of the question.

I stalled for as long as my deposit covered the rent plus 2 weeks, which I partially paid and then got the 3-day notice to vacate.  The thought of having the legal system pointed at me is not my idea of fun so I moved in 3 days.

At about this same time Grand Master Zhou came to Ojai and so did I.  I’ve been taking his classes and getting treatments from him.  By grace and the donations from my close friends it has been possible for me to work with him for 6 weeks.

The breast lump has diminished in height even though it is still spreading horizontally.  My physical strength has increased immensely!  I’m showing off my biceps just like a 4 year old and I could now run up a hill if the tsunami was coming my way.  Silly as it may sound, I was actually feeling like I was going to cause someone else physical harm because of my weakness.

The QiGong classes have been arduous and just enough of a push to get somewhere.  The Tai Chi was one of the most difficult things I have personally done because of having my inner self completely rewired for the third dimension.  I also had the experience of unlearning some deep thing that my previous teachers had helped me with whose time was complete.  Tai Chi Sword was a challenge and yet awakened deep memories and satisfactions in my being.

The treatments from Master Zhou are profound.  Deep inner core healing is initiated and I feel it moving out toward the surface – very slowly but surely healing me on the way.

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From Hawaii to the Columbia River

I came back to the mainland mid October to work with my friend Dr. Malcolm Smith.  We are restructuring and reorganizing his former medical practice into his creativity.  After closing his 12 year medical practice in Portland he began working on a documentary about Informational Healing.  I am here to reorganize the hub and help him create the sacred geometries or the feng shui of realities, that will allow him to achieve his dreams.

Malcolm and I are both taking Protandim.  I feel like it has increased our ability to be clear and non-toxic mentally as well as physically.  We are both using the Trinfinity8 regularly and drinking pure water.  We pay attention to protein intake since those two servings of protein daily help the body do everything it needs to do to stay healthy.

The inner work that we are both doing involves surrendering into the co-creation process without insisting either energetically, behaviorally, or psychologically that the other person play out anything less or more than their creative self.  We are surfing the cosmic timing of this outplaying with everyone else who is on the earth.  Each of us sees our own perspective based on where we’ve been and where we could go from here.  Holding that gently we explore all the ways that we might be in collaboration or co-creation.

Collaboration is the lower octave of co-creation where we have ideas and visions that we come together to create.  In co-creation we simply show up being our whole selves, and see what creation is manifesting through us.  This requires an amazing amount of trust and a very adept outplaying of each person’s ability to show up being no more and no less than themselves. It also requires absolute non-judgement with intensive discernment.

It’s a firewalk to say the least, because when it doesn’t work each person can be thrown back into the fear and coping mechanisms they think they no longer use.  It’s all just flowing resonant fields but it does take practice to move in and out of them and to return to joy as quickly as possible.  Co-creation also requires that we take really good care of ourselves – this allows each other person the space and the support to care for themselves impeccably.  And did I mention that we all have to live as Master Time Lords too.  Timing is everything and when several folks work and play together timing flows in new ways as well.

I’m very grateful for the Protandim, T8, and my mini trampoline.  I feel like I came back from death’s door and am getting to live a vibrant life with lots of activity in every day.

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Vibrancy Returns

I just returned from Hawaii where I have been deep healing my whole being.  When I went there February 15th, 2010 I could only barely do 3 jumping jacks and I needed to rest, well really to sleep and lie down, I was that weak.  I felt like I was dieing and couldn’t find anything that changed the situation.  I felt like my whole being was scrambled and anything I did only swung the balance precariously in another direction for a minute.  I went to do a 10 day intestinal cleanse at Angle Farms.

The experience of the gentle, comfortable, gravity flow open system was a definite turning point for me.  There were milestones in the path of change before but a clean colon made a world of difference in whether my body could even assimilate nutrition or take in the nutrients it needed so desperately.  I came back to the west coast for 2 months and I found myself going right back into my old world and my symptoms started coming on again.  I was feeling the white hot pain in my left breast, the toxicity of the electrical overload of EMF poisoning, and the stress of not having a home was looming large.

At the end of May in LosAngeles I attended Zero Disease, Power Heal, and Clarity University with Dr. Stephen West who taught me about the little known field of Lymphology.  I bought a small mini trampoline and started bouncing and doing what he showed us.  It was very powerful information that showed me how to honor, respect, and care for my lymphatic system which is larger than our blood system but so seldom taught.

In early June I went back to Hawaii for another 5 day Cleanse which finally felt like I was on my way to recovery.  I was still weak but I knew the deep healing was taking place.  Soon I had a Trinfinity8 in my possession. I used its sound, visual, and sensory content, sometimes several times a day.  Mathematical information is flowing through quartz crystals which are held in the palms so that the information enters the meridian system and gives the body the message to calibrate up to the frequencies and patterns of health.  That tool made another jump in my health and well being.

The last booster rocket that went off was discovering Protandim.  I heard about it at a lymphology workshop given by Dr. Stephen West.  Protandim turns on the nurf2 gene which activates anti-oxidant, anti-fibrotic, and anti-inflammatory processes.  My own body began to create 1 million anti-oxidants per second!  That started to make a huge difference in my sense of well being.  The things that are switched on are called the survival genes.  Once the basic sense of survival was covered my whole world started to change . . . really fast.  I found myself working on the computer in the office for a couple of hours the first day.  On the second day I got involved and accidently stayed 4 hours.  On day three I stayed 6 hours.  I began to be concerned that I was doing too much too fast but my hours just kept increasing and within three weeks I worked a 25 hour week out in the world and a 30 hour week at home at my internet job.  I was amazed, concerned and the most remarkable part was that I was feeling fine.  No repercussions were evident.  I did start limiting myself to a 3 day work week out in the world because I was not willing to start overworking just because I could.

My output has continued to be strong and increasing with no apparent side effects.  My breast lumps are hurting less all the time and I can now sleep lying on that side of my body which I could not do for the last year without pain.  I’m even able to eat some sweet things without crashing.  I can eat a slice of toast or have a sandwich on a bun without severe pain and being out of balance for days.  My skin has fewer wrinkles, is more healthy looking, and I got my hair cut short.  Everyone who has seen me in the last week is blown away by my youthful look and how healthy I now am.  It’s very cool to get the feedback since I haven’t seen them since last May and some since January when I was really tanking.

Now the money I’m making on selling Protandim is also making a difference.  It’s fulfilling my financial stability needs along with being Tech Support for Trinfinity8, managing’s Online Learning Center, helping, and continuing my consultation with Angel Farms.

I’m beginning my new life with abundance in every way and my life is getting significantly better every day. You can do it too.


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Before the Beginning

I learned about Protandim in May 2010, when the person who told me didn’t have a bottle to sell me.  There was my first lesson about sharing Protandim – always have extra bottles in your pocket.  As soon as I heard about it I knew it was the solution to my three biggest health challenges.  Scarring of tissue that was dealing with the lumps in my left breast, chronic inflammation of the whole area, and never enough antioxidants to combat the toxicity of life at the moment.  I was instantly ready to hand over my $55 to try a bottle – I wanted that in my system immediately.

When I couldn’t buy a bottle immediately I knew it would take me a while to accomplish and order.  I travel full time so where to mail it, my income flows in fits and starts so who knew when I would have a free $55 let alone a free $600 to really start the business.  I did know that I would do the business as soon as I could flow the dough.

When I did have the energy to host a lymphology workshop in Hawaii for Dr. Stephen West I finally got my hands on a bottle of Protandim.  I took one in the evening and one the next morning, by afternoon I was feeling a dramatically subtle stability and sense of ease in my body that was quite tangible even though subtle.

Before I ran out of that bottle I made my order for a Vantage Pack and began my LifeVantage business in earnest.  My dear associate Debbie Jones has been tracking with Protandim since the Lymphology Workshop in Hawaii and that is the next story to share.

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